The Business of Digital 3D and the Museum Cinema Revolution: Panel Discussion
Moderated by Toby Mensforth, Mensforth & Associates

Veterans from the production, distribution and exhibition segments will discuss the exciting new cinema technologies that are rapidly influencing content and theatereconomics in the museum and destination venue market.

Laser Projector Demonstration

The world’s first demonstration of Barco’s revolutionary laser light projector on a giant screen. In this session, officially part of Barco’s R&D process, participants will learn about the technology, see demonstrations, and contribute feedback.

Auro-3D Demonstration

Experience how ‘3D audio’ adds an incredible realism to the immersive cinema experience.  Symposium delegates will be the first to hear Auro-3D’s magic on the newly installed MG3D 11.1 surround sound array.

Belgian Beer Bash!

Join us on Monday night for a special event that has been experienced—to great acclaim—around the world.  Sample and savor the best of Belgian beer and California wines in a social tasting soiree.

Keynote Address: Douglas Trumbull, The Cinema of the Future

Legendary filmmaker, special effects pioneer, technology innovator and entrepreneur Douglas Trumbull (2001: A Space OdysseyBlade RunnerTree of Life) explores his compelling vision for the future of cinema and discusses the high frame rate advancements forged at Trumbull Ventures LLC.

High Frame Rate Demonstration

After a demonstration of various bit rates, the hosts of this session will present a frame rate extravaganza…with comparisons in both 2D and 3D at 24 vs. 48 vs. 60 frames per second.  As production and exhibition capabilities evolve, will ‘ultra-reality’ frame rates become standard?

Special Presentations – Servers, Satellites & Media Blocks 101

Presentations by  Dolby, Doremi, Qube, and Cinedigm introduce delegates to the business of servers and digital content management.  With the movement toward higher frame rates and bit rates upon us, learn about the hardware that is revolutionizing content delivery.

4K Digital vs. 15/70 Giant Screen Shootout 2.0

Following up on the 2011 Symposium shootout in which a vast majority of delegates preferred digital over film, this year’s shootout focuses on filling the full height of the giant screen.  See a split screen comparison of 4:3 70mm film against 4:3 4K digital.   Round 2!

4K 3D Film Screenings

The first ever presentation of two giant screen movies, The Last Reef 3D and Space Junk 3D, in true 4K 3D at high bit rate and 4K resolution. The screenings will be introduced by the directors.


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