Continuing its long tradition of technology leadership, Barco is revolutionizing the giant screen film industry with the introduction of its new, premium-quality turnkey projection system, which offers exhibitors a more affordable, higher quality solution for large-format movie presentation. The new system combines Barco’s industry-leading 4K projectors with Auro-3D, Barco’s exclusive audio system. This audio solution enhances a typical 5.1 installation to 11.1, and creates a one-of-a-kind immersive cinema experience.

Auro-3D elevates the sound experience to an amazing level of auditory acuity, enabling patrons to hear sounds from their relative origination point within the space, and does so in a simple and cost effective way. To understand the concept, one need only imagine a flock of birds flying overhead, and then circling around the audience. To achieve this truly enveloping experience, the system deploys a small number of additional speakers in the upper portions of the auditorium to add another dimension of sound.

Auro-3D is 100 percent backwards and forward compatible with existing sound systems, requiring minimal hardware investment and installation time. When combined with Barco’s Enhanced 4K projectors, the system represents the most intensely immersive, multi-sensory movie exhibition system on the market and does so at an affordable price.


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