Announcing Auro-3D at Moody Gardens Symposium!

Come to Galveston to hear the future of truly immersive cinema.

We’re thrilled to tell you that Auro-3D for giant screens will be unveiled at the Moody Gardens Digital Cinema Symposium.  Auro-3D is a revolutionary 11.1 surround sound ‘3D audio’ system from Barco that elevates the sound experience to an amazing level of auditory acuity.  It allows moviegoers to hear sounds from their relative origination point within the theater.

Barco’s ground-breaking immersive audio platform is designed exclusively for large format theaters, and symposium delegates will be the first in the world to experience it!

Auro-3D joins a long list of groundbreaking cinema demonstrations in Galveston, including the very first giant screen 4K 3D presentations, high-frame rate 3D comparisons, Barco’s digital laser projection, and more.

Register by December 23 and you’ll be able to experience the very first giant screen demonstrations of both Aura-3D and digital laser projection at the early bird rate.


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